Tibialis Posterior Syndrome

Tibialis posterior syndrome

Tibialis posterior syndrome is inflammation or damage to the tendon to the posterior tibialis muscle (Tibialis Posterior) and is the most common cause of acquired flatfoot in adults. The causes of Tibialis posterior syndrome can be flat feet, ankle sprains, and overexertion. With problems for a long time, there can develop pronounced flat feet and arthritis in the ankle. The most common reason is that the inner arch of the foot has not supported the foot because the big toe has not worked and given its support, which has slowly tired out the muscle so that the foot collapses.

Symptoms of Tibialis posterior syndrome include pain under and behind the inner ankle. There is sometimes swelling around the ankle and feels tenderness when pressing against the area around the ankle. There may be difficulty walking upstairs, feel imbalance when walking, and have increasing flat feet.


The treatment for Tibialis posterior syndrome is to get the big toe to provide support in the inner arch of the foot. The big toe joint is stiff when loaded, stopping it from coming up. The big toe has a condition called Functional Hallux Limitus

Treatment step by step

  • First, we go through the cause of the problem. We look at the posture of the foot.
  • Then strength and mobility tests are performed on the feet.
  • We treat the joints that do not move as they should.
  • Then we have a basis on how we should treat the feet.
  • For Tibialis Posterior syndrome, the foot should be treated, so it provides the support it needs to have for Tibialis Posterior to manage the load. The foot must not be loaded hard until the muscle is fully recovered and strong. Otherwise, there is a risk of disabling troubles in the future.
  • The treatment is done with a device called StretchPower. With the help of a bar, we expose the lower leg to pressure so that the ankle is bent, mobility increases, and the error is corrected. Before the treatment begins, we put it in the correct position in StretchPower to get the desired effect on the treatment.
  • We usually get an immediate result on the pain that has arisen, and the patient feels much better immediately after the treatment.
  • After the treatment, we go through how you walk and use your gait. The walking pattern always needs to be corrected so that you start using your feet in the right way and bring out the function of the foot when you walk.

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