We are the first in the world with a treatment method that, in an effective and measurable way, corrects feet and recreates its natural mobility. The method is called PRONATOS.


How does pronatos add value to patients?

Patients who have had foot problems for many years, sometimes for decades, have been helped by the treatment with Pronatos. It is believed that long-term problems can not be cured or remedied, but since Pronatos is working with a completely new method to restore the function of the foot, we achieve a very good result. The difference from traditional treatment, which is usually foot insoles, is that we get the foot itself to create its support in the way that was originally intended. It is this support that we get to work, so that the support comes in during the walking phase. Then we suddenly have a foot that supports the inside of the foot at the right time and this also affects the knees, hips and back.

Our vision for Pronatos

The vision for Pronatos is that all our patients should have well functioning feet. All feet are different and have different conditions, and they must be used so that they work optimally for each patient. With pain freedom as the end result.

We are looking for more licensees who can help patients with Pronatos!

The market for PRONATOS is very large. We get many patients who come from all over the country.

We need licensees so that patients do not have to go that far for treatment. Pronatos is a completely different method for getting feet functional and painless, without inserts that interfere with the function of the foot. Pronatos can be an alternative to surgery for severe cases. The licensees who start with Pronatos will receive help with marketing as well as support to get started quickly on a profitable and satisfying business, with very satisfied patients.

We are looking for motivated people with a medical background and identification in a medical treatment profession.

Do you think PRONATOS sounds interesting? Get in touch by e-mail and take part in a revolutionary method!

Send an email to: vesa@pronatos.com