I discovered that my foot had changed after I experimented with my invention StretchPower, this was 2008. It took 6 years before I had developed a treatment method that I could test on subjects with success. Now I have managed to develop a treatment method called PRONATOS which is unique and very effective on all ailments related to the arch not working normally, and the big toe not working normally when walking. The big toe is stiff and does not come up when walking, which leads to the windlasssystem does not work, i.e. the arch of the foot that is to be pulled up with the help of the upward bending of the big toe does not work.

windlass = winch, see video below

I am a naprapath and a former elite athlete, who has boxed in the Swedish National Team and ended my boxing career after the Olympics in Los Angeles in 1984 with a 5th place. After the Olympics, I started training as a naprapath, when I came up with the idea for StretchPower. I have trained at Idéum, an inventor’s training. I have studied 40p Entrepreneurship at Stockholm University and trained as an Innovation Advisor and innovation leader at Mälardalen University.

Now I am training more naprapaths / therapists in Pronatos treatment.

See what our patients said about the treatment with PRONATOS!

The boxer who became an innovator: “It’s all about timing”