Metatarsalgia / forefoot pain

Metatarsalgia / forefoot pain

Metatarsalgia or forefoot pain is very common and can have many different causes. The pain is on the underside of the forefoot. The problems usually appear during exercise, especially when walking. Symptoms are strain pain, the feeling of feeling the foot bone when walking as if the padding has disappeared and like stepping on a rock under the forefoot. You usually feel less pain at rest and when using shoes with soft soles.

There are other causes of forefoot pain that must be ruled out before treatment and these are the ones that follow. With radiating pain in the toes, you can also have problems with Morton’s neuroma, that is when a nerve has become pinched and become irritated or other nerves that have become pinched, among different muscles and bones in the foot. The plantar plate can be damaged, it is a cartilage structure under the joints of the toes that may have been injured. In this case, the toes may begin to pull obliquely to the sides.


The treatment for metatarsalgia / forefoot pain is that you must relieve the forefoot from what has stressed it. It may be that you do not load the right structures that should normally receive the load, and it is above all the big toe support that must be included, which has usually fallen away.

You can often see from measurements that you have been on the painful part for too long during the walking phase. You walk on your toe for too long without the heel support. The cause of this must be investigated, which is done with various tests. The muscles that are engaged in the walking phase and in the sore area must regain their strength and elasticity to provide the support needed.

Treatment step by step

  • First we go through the cause of the problem, we look at the posture of the foot.
  • Then strength and mobility tests are performed on the feet.
  • We treat the joints that do not move as they should.
  • Then we have a basis on how we should treat your feet.
  • For Metatarsalgia / Forefoot pain, one should treat the right muscles to release the tension that gives the pain in addition to the restricted mobility.
  • The treatment is done with a device called StretchPower. With the help of a bar, we expose the lower leg to a pressure so that the ankle is bent, mobility is increased and the error is corrected. Before the treatment begins, we put it in the right position in StretchPower so that you get the desired effect on the treatment.
  • Normally we get a very fast result on the pain that has arisen and the patient feels much better immediately after the treatment.
  • After the treatment, we go through how you walk and use your step, this basically always needs to be corrected so that you start using your feet in the right way and bring out the function of the foot when you walk.

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